Week in Preview

Another week, another batch of stories and columns for public consumption. This week is a bit light (as was last week with the delayed premiere of Free Money) but we do have a new series on the docket.

On Wednesday, the newest chapter of Scrambled will be released, and we start to get at the heart of what the story is really about.

On Friday, we have a double whammie of content:

Chris D debuts his series Triptych, good old fashioned pulp fun in the vein of Burroughs and Doc Savage. If that combo doesn’t get you a little hungry to read it, then go back to reading your Bronte.

Matt will have something on deck for Beyond Infinity, but as always it’s going to be a surprise (as much for him as it is for us! but that’s what makes it so fun).

Sit back and enjoy the ride, folks.



All these thoughts...in my head! I need to get them out!

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