Week in Preview

Welcome back to another exciting week with Pulpline! We have a full week of content, and we will also be announcing one or two new features in the weeks to come!

On Tuesday, Mr. Dowie brings out another installment of The Dark Messenger, as we begin to see the main plot unfold and things start to take a left turn.

On Wednesday, Scrambled brings out a big chapter as things go from bad to worse on the island before a surprise ending that will give you a real idea as to what this series is all about.

On Thursday, Free Money returns with another entry, continuing the excellent level of quality it has displayed thus far.

On Friday, Beyond Infinity will be back after an unplanned two week hiatus (despite plans to release the past two weeks, things happen and you just have to roll with it!).

Additionally, we will soon be welcoming Chris Havard to the Pulpline family with a new column that takes a look at food in various Fantasy series. He claims the first entry will focus on George RR Martin’s infamous Lamprey Pie that seems to be a favorite in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

At some point soon, we hope to have Bernard Feng join as well with a new serial. We will reveal more when the time is nearer for him to start, but rest assured this is a man who cares as much about the structure and feel of his world as the likes of Tolkien and Howard.

So there’s a lot coming up in the next few weeks and we’re continuing to grow. If you feel like you want to join, either as a writer or an artist, let us know, send us an email. We’d love to have you.



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