I Think the Zerg Need a Hug

While this is ridiculously silly and means almost absolutely nothing, I want to write a short post about one of PETA’s newest protests. Refer here: (http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2013/03/11/peta-starcraft-zerglings-have-feelings-too.aspx). What this is all about is creating awareness for the ethical treatment of the Zerg.

We need to treat the Zerg with the respect we give any sentient animal. That’s right, we can’t just run around like a bunch of gun totting, warmongering Terrans, and just eradicate Zerg whenever we feel like it. The Zerg have feelings too right? They’re not just a bunch of mindless drones sent out to eradicate all other forms of life. Oh wait, that’s exactly what they are… I’m not sure how in anyway the Zerg resemble any other strange “exotic” creature we could find on earth. Sure crocodiles and snakes can look like aliens to us (and movies modeling aliens on reptiles just adds more to the claim), but I seriously doubt snakes and crocodiles want to absorb and eradicate all other forms of life in the universe. If anything the (might I remind you, fictional) Zerg can be compared to the human need to conquer, control, and kill all of which is different from us.

I can see that humans are capable of wondrous acts of violence, and there have been many times in history where we’ve tried to wipe out entire races (ex. Germany circa WWII, Rwanda circa 1994, Kim Il Sung circa 1948-49, etc…the list actually goes on). The fact that we are so willing to murder millions of our fellow humans because they share slightly different DNA from us making them a different race can be horrifying. Sure most of us don’t want to kill everything that is different, but on the whole, humanity does a great job of assimilating and attempting to exterminate other races. I hate to say it, but the Native Americans are pretty much the poster child for this.

So if anything the fictional creation of the Zerg was the game developer’s way to create a physical manifestation of human evil. In my opinion that is something we can all agree to hate, to want to defeat and get rid of. Apparently, though, PETA sees things differently. They want us to stop opposing this dark side of human nature and leave it in peace and allow it to grow and flourish.

Because that’s what it deserves, a chance to grow up and spread more hate and intolerance.

To that I say “Bravo PETA!”, you want us to stop opposing our darker half because obviously nothing bad can come of it. Now I want to say here that this one article posted by PETA probably doesn’t mean too much to the organization as a whole (at least I hope not). Most likely, it is just one dude being silly. However, I felt that it was funny enough to warrant a little blurb. Most of PETA’s arguments I’ve heard have some sort of sense to them, but this is just flat-out inane. So keep fighting Zerg by any means necessary and have a nice day.

All these thoughts...in my head! I need to get them out!

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