Week in Preview

Welcome back for another week of new content, and there might be a couple of surprises along the way!

On Tuesday we may see the launch of Cooking with Dog, a column that will focus on the foods of fantasy and science  fiction, starting with a piece on the Lamprey Pie that George RR Martin’s world is so fond of. If it doesn’t go live tomorrow, come back and check it out next week.

On Wednesday, Scrambled enters the final chapter of its opening arc, and then it’s on to bigger and better things! What lies beyond the shores of that little island? What big adventures await, and what exactly do familiars do in the world?

On Thursday, we’ll have another entry in the Free Money experience, the follow to last weeks “Three Days in Paradise: Day One”. Tom is churning out some great material, and it’s getting more interesting by the week.

On Friday we have our bi-weekly double-whammy:

Beyond Infinity returns to its regularly scheduled block and promises to deliver an insightful piece as ever there has been. As always, the subject of the post is a surprise even to the writer himself!

Finally, Triptych is back for its third installment, delving more into the characters we’re growing to know and love. After this, you might as well consider the Black Aces part of your family!

In the next couple of weeks, we will be proud to bring the following new features to the fold:

The Masked Killer will be running on Mondays after Week in Preview, a new fantasy serial from the mind of Bernard Feng. If you’re a fan of assassinations, get yourself checked out, and then check out this new series!

2 Nerds, 1 Console will be posting on Wednesdays, bringing you reviews of games, both full and expensive or cheap and fun that you should be playing. These guys know their games, so if they tell you play it, you play it; if they say keep away, well…play at your own discretion.

The Sea of Great Britain, a post apocalyptic serial set in the merry old land of England will be joining the fold, bringing a touch of class and sophistication that we’ve only seen from Tom Fernandes so far. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good drunken brawl now and then?

With so much on the horizon, you’d be crazy not to stick around!


All these thoughts...in my head! I need to get them out!

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