Week in Preview

Welcome back to our second week of expanded content as we launch more new goodies for you.

Monday sees the launch of a new serial, the first entry of The Masked Killer, a fantasy serial that takes you into the scarred past of a veteran as he shares his experience meeting the titular assassin.

Tuesday, The Dark Messenger enters the endgame of its opening arc, ramping things up for what’s to come. If you’ve enjoyed it so far, you’re going to love what Mr. Dowie has in store.

Wednesday will be a double-trouble feature:

The first entry in the next arc of Scrambled bridges us from the small island of Konida to the world beyond, where Dego and his friends are going to meet new friends, plenty of enemies, and find out just what it is that makes his pet so special.

Additionally, 2 Nerds 1 Console launches with its first column. This weeks entry will take a look at Borderlands 2 to tell you what all the fuss is about. After reading this, you might want to pick up the game itself and tell our nerds what you think of it yourself.

Thursday sees another entry in Free Moneywrapping up Three Days in Paradise. Tom assures me there’s a plan for everything, but he said the same thing when I told him he still owed me a pint.

Finally, Friday brings us another Beyond Infinity. ‘Nuff said.

So stay with us, take a look at some of the older entries to keep yourself up to date, and we’ll be adding some nice art pretty soon too!

Thanks for reading!




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