Week in Preview

Hope you all had a Happy Easter. I know people say that it’s chocolate, but all those bunnies hopping around my house didn’t fill me with much confidence. While you’re digesting from your big meals, check out this week’s content:

On Tuesday, explore the weird and wonderful Senzu Beans from the epic Dragonball Z in this week’s Cooking With Dog.

On Wednesday, it’s a new land and a new challenge for Dego and his friends in Scrambled as we begin a sprawling new arc that will take this little island boy to places he could never have dreamed of.

On Thursday we have the first of our double day servings:

More literary bliss from Free Money, as Tom brings us another work of carefully crafted and poetic entry in the series.

After, we get the next part of The Sea of Great Britain, as we continue to explore the world of tomorrow, the future of a once great empire that seems all too possible.

On Friday we will continue the double day servings:

The next entry of Triptych goes live, diving further into the world of Taru as the Black Aces continue to try and rectify their situation.

And finally, we hope to have Beyond Infinity back on track after taking a quick break due to the holiday. Sometimes you just get fat. So fat that you can’t write. Maybe we’ll read about it in this weeks entry!

Have a good week and see you around!



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