The House of Berrymead

freemoneyAsad says:
I’ve got a colleague on my mind
When I should be trying to find
Some paid work.

Yes I take it in turns to shirk and flirt
But I should shake the obsession
Because in the recession investing won’t return.

DK and Uzi tell me I must learn
Hearts won’t be winning if the coins aren’t spinning
But they love their rappers who wrap their words in wrappers,
Decadent and vain as if Rome rose again.
Shaking hands with the devil whilst looking for the heavens:
Tempted to be tempted; hellfire can’t be tamed:
Attempted to escape, soul split into sevens.
Having cake and trying to eat it – I thought it was a lie?
With all this money-spinning, no time to moralise.
Drizzy-dizzy heights cracking up the compass.
Now we started at the bottom and slipped in the cesspit:
Bright lights, tripping trips, strips and tulips:
We’re dreaming of a life afforded by the hits –
This broken compass needles me as much as lonely nights,
5 am Toronto time, it’s dubiously not right.
If I had as much money as I had as much doubt,
Maybe I’d be in that hole, trying to clamber out.
So thank you for the poverty for keeping me straight,
No sordid tales, no swordfish on my plate.
I swear I’m trying to go somewhere, the bank don’t know my face
But who the fuck needs money when there’s other things to chase?
So I’ll pull myself together and apply like a job;
I don’t need the plastic amex when her heart is there to rob.
Still I need a bit of predator, still I need a bit of shark,
I’m no thief in the night, just bungling in the dark.
Markets are too strange to me so I don’t know how to steal,
I don’t know how to win, yes I’m only going to feel hurt
When she’s slapping all my figures down.
If I had as much money as I had as much doubt
I wouldn’t feel this wrong, yearning for the pounds,
Thinking of those sounds, trying to turn my luck around.
Is it my streak or my hopes: broken all to bleed?
I’m recessing like the markets: faded Berrymead
Because banks don’t give out breaks – just more debt I’ve got to borrow
Fuck these songs of wealth because they’re only selling sorrow.


All these my head! I need to get them out!

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