Week in Preview

Welcome back for more of your daily-weekly content at Pulpline! This is going to be a full week, so here’s a rundown of what you can look forward to:

Monday will see the next installment in The Masked Killer hit the stands as the mystery of the killer begins to ramp up.

Tuesday the role of the new Messenger being made clear and setting the stage for things to come in the next chapter in The Dark Messenger as we finish out the initial arc.

Wednesday is a double whammy this week:

First up will be a new entry for 2 Nerds 1 Console, taking a look at SSX, which as we know can be a pretty tr-tr-tr-tricky series. Mileage may vary.

Next we follow Dego and crew as they depart the comforts of their new friend and head out on the continent of Dynesia. From here on out, Scrambled  is going to be a whole different game.

Thursday another entry in the Free Money saga goes up. Is it a poem? Is it the first entry in the long awaited epic? Only writer Tom Fernandes knows and he likes to keep tight lipped.

Finally, on Friday Beyond Infinity explores 4D printing, which Matt assures me is a thing, but I’m one of them stone age people who don’t get much about this “science” so you’ll have to read to see what the hullabaloo is all about!

Hopefully you won’t notice that it’s getting warmer outside and we’ll be seeing you all week!



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