Week in Preview

The weather is looking up, but that doesn’t mean you should be outside enjoying it. No, you should stay inside and keep up with the latest and greatest from Pulpline.

Tuesday, Cooking With Dog returns with its newest installment. You can smell the awesome from here.

Wednesday, the cast of Scrambled meet the first of many odd-ball characters who will begin to change their lives for the weirder.

Thursday is another double serving of content:

Tom gives us another entry in the Free Money saga of the lyrical sort, which we have been enjoying greatly.

The next chapter in The Sea of Great Britain also lands.

Finally, our Friday is double-stuffed as well:

The next chapter of Triptych promises to deliver all the fun and adventure that has been given so far.

And finally, Beyond Infinity.

We may also be adding another feature or two in the coming weeks, so keep a look out!



All these thoughts...in my head! I need to get them out!

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