Week in Preview

We’re BAAAACK, and we’ve got a nice line-up for you this week.

Tuesday we get Cooking With a certain Dog as we look into the weird and wonderful Chocolate frogs that a certain boy wizard likes to snack on.

Wednesday the crew of Scrambled break bread with the stranger who saved Dego last chapter before finally making it out of the woods and into the strange society of the continent.

Thursday we bring you another Free Money which will provide some much needed release to the poetically driven Mr. Fernandes. Without his weekly output, I hear he has started to speak in iambic pentameter. The practice is driving his friends crazy; they cannot get him to stop doing it; I hope that this helps cure his affliction; or else he’ll be branded a life-long twit.

Additionally, The Sea of Great Britain gives us some of that Trainspotting flavor, as only an Englishman can.

Friday sees the return of power-house series Triptych as we see what has happened to Winters and her crew. I know you’re all craving this next installment, but keep patient. It’s coming, and it’ll be good.

Also, there might be a Beyond Infinity. Maybe. Possibly.

Thanks for sticking around, and it’s good to be back!


All these thoughts...in my head! I need to get them out!

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