Week In Preview

Welcome back to our (slightly revamped) circus of strange. Up this week we have a full schedule, so stay tuned for some real fun.

First up we have the next chapter of The Masked Killer, detailing how things go with that weaselly necromancer.

Tomorrow we have the start of a new arc in The Dark Messenger, taking Mia to a strange town with an even stranger tradition.

Wednesday, Doctor Lazarus’ Sanitorium takes us back to how things all began, with a girl in a carriage off to meet the strange man who will be her new warden…

Thursday we have a double treat of Free Money and The Sea of Great Britain, the latter of which will be featuring next week as well to make up for the lack of posting that has occurred.

Likewise, Friday will see a surprise Triptych that will be followed immediately next week to double up on the series you love so much. Also, there should be a Beyond Infinity.

Welcome back, y’all.


All these thoughts...in my head! I need to get them out!

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