Make a brand new brand for the brand new me:
Bundle enough sinews, traces of sub-
Stance; faint silhouettes seduced into mass
For the masses. A Brand New Face.

When the edifice collapses, crumbles,
Like cliffs cascading into hungry seas,
I shall not weep for a hollow loss.

For those who speak of a value in me,
They perceive a brand I cannot see,
Shadows of traces of outlines of forms.

I hammered away and scraped up the flakes
Of a porcelain tower built for strength.
It seems scant compensation for my loss
But I am master, king of these pale chips,
No slave to another’s ivory bricks:
With so little, I can conjure larger
Beasts and behemoths sparkling in the sky.

A brave new world waits for the brand new me.
A brand new me waits for no one to see
The fractured structures bound by centrifuge.
I must keep motion for gravity and
Gravity for mass for the masses keep
Swarming, lured to the lie by siren’s pitch.

They scuttle here with faith in the new brand,
I hope but doubt they believe in the me.
Pioneers are unique. We are alone.

All these my head! I need to get them out!

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