The Problem with the Modern Role Model



“I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I’m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand.”

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Prologue: A Midnight Stroll

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Dim gas-light cast an un-natural glow upon the dark, cobbled streets, diffused by the thin fog that had settled down for the evening; a veil that refused to be parted. With a dedicated pace Godfrey Wolesley made his way down the street, his coat pulled close around him. Normally, nights like this were perfect for conducting business, but tonight he preferred a practice of a different kind. The clic-clak-clic-clak of his heels echoing on the cobbles carried into the air. To someone else, he must seem a specter, a distant presence ever moving but always there, just around the corner. The mere thought brought a thin, cruel smile to his lips.

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Chapter Seven (Jasmine and Sailors)


When Spratt came to there was no telling how long he’d been unconscious. Terror overcame him for a moment upon the realization he was wrapped tightly in Nedra’s cloak and being carried like a sack of potatoes. Spratt couldn’t be certain, but the feeling of weightlessness led him to believe Nedra had made her way to the rooftops of Garvin, where she was leaping from one building to the next.

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The Statehouse Pt I

TMK BannerI found it strange that it was still night time. How much time had passed?

No matter; the shadows have a habit of coming out at night, and my training has always taught me that the shadows are to be embraced, not feared. But there were ‘good’ shadows and ‘bad’ shadows, and given my newly acquainted company, I was not entirely sure which one was which.

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