Case 01: Face to Face Pt I

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Five Weeks Earlier…

Late Night Scare

The wind rattled the windows something terrible, filling the house with a chattering chorus. Anne held the candle out before her as if it were an impenetrable shield. The professor often chastised her overly cautious nature, but she had heard stories. Her mother always said ‘there is truth even in the wildest of tales’. She liked to think her mother was telling a truth as well, even if it was a small one.

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The Statehouse Pt II

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I landed squarely on my feet before throwing a few darts at the creature, only for them to bounce off like pebbles. Disappointed, I tossed a few smoke bombs his way while I reached for my swords. Nothing too remarkable about them, really. A standard issued gladius in my right and a spatha in my left. A little unbalanced, I know, but for some reason, it always seemed to work for me. This odd quirk of mine would earn me the distinction of being called ‘Tristan the Hefty Lefty.’

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Prologue: A Midnight Stroll

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Dim gas-light cast an un-natural glow upon the dark, cobbled streets, diffused by the thin fog that had settled down for the evening; a veil that refused to be parted. With a dedicated pace Godfrey Wolesley made his way down the street, his coat pulled close around him. Normally, nights like this were perfect for conducting business, but tonight he preferred a practice of a different kind. The clic-clak-clic-clak of his heels echoing on the cobbles carried into the air. To someone else, he must seem a specter, a distant presence ever moving but always there, just around the corner. The mere thought brought a thin, cruel smile to his lips.

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Week in Preview

So some of you may or may not have noticed that things were a bit rocky the last couple of weeks…so much so, that we had to take a break week last week. Some computers crashed, some people had exams, it was a whole hullabaloo of things going wrong. We’re trying to get back on track, so we’ll be putting out what we can this week to get things rolling again.

It’ll be a bunch of surprises as to what goes up. So keep your eyes peeled and see how our Grab-Bag of a week goes.