Doctor Lazarus’ Sanitorium

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Welcome to Calverton. Sitting just inside Nottinghamshire, it is a town of little note or renown, aside from one peculiar and particular place of interest. The citizens pretend it isn’t there. If you ask for directions, any sane person will walk away and pretend you said ‘good-bye’, saying they hope you have a good day.

That is the key, though: it is no place for a sane person.

Located at the eastern end of the town, next to the wall, is the sanitorium. Run by the strange Doctor Lazarus, the sanitorium is home to the most bizarre and disturbed of men that the world has had the misfortune to produce. Lazarus, it seems, cannot help himself from seeking out these novelties: it is his illness.

Of course, if your interest has been piqued, you can take a look for yourself. During the week, the doors to the sanitorium remained locked; on the weekend, for only a penny, you can spend hours walking around the halls and seeing these criminally insane monstrosities on display like animals in a zoo. Yes, this does seem inhumane, but that’s exactly how Lazarus sees his patients: inhuman; animal; monstrous.

How does he acquire these patients you might ask? Well, you’ll only get one answer from Lazarus: the less said, the better.

Doctor Lazarus’ Sanitorium is a weekly serial that runs on Wednesdays.


Prologue: A Midnight Stroll

All these my head! I need to get them out!

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