Pulpline is more than the sum of its content. Without the writers and artists involved, the content would not be as impressive and the site would be an empty shell.


Peter C Aitken (Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder) has been writing since he was fourteen years old. He has had gigs at Wizard Magazine and the New York Daily News, but his heart lies in fiction. Having had modest success with comic books, he now is putting his efforts into PulplineHe currently resides in New York City and is the creator and writer of Scrambled.


Mathew Brindley (Contributing Writer) of English and Filipino stock, grew up in the badlands of a large and rather well-known satellite town to the West of London. His words neither know fear nor farce. This is all that needs to be said about this literary beast. He is the creator and writer of The Sea of Great Britain, a post-apocalyptic saga set in the United Kingdom.


Travis Carioscia (Contributing Writer)


Chris Delloiacono (Contributing Writer) has been a pop culture junkie since seeing Planet of the Apes and Star Wars in the late ’70s. He’s an elementary school teacher by day, but writes constantly in his free time. His story Triptych is a mashup of many of his favorite genres including: horror, sci-fi, military, fantasy, and adventure. You might say, He does the mash! The Pulpline Mash.


Christopher Dowie (Contributing Editor, Co-Founder) is a mad Scotsman from the hoary north who started writing while sitting on the hills watching his flock. He has since grown into a master smith of words and phrases, plying his trade on his blog Wonderings of an Incoherent Mind. He currently resides in Edinburgh and is the creator and writer of The Dark Messenger.


Bernard Feng (Contributing Writer)


Tom Fernandes (Contributing Writer) is a man born in the wrong time and the wrong class. He currently spraffs his stuff off the soap box that is Free Money, but you can read more of his work at The Polar Bear Garden.


Chris T Havard (Contributing Writer)


Surse Taylor Pierpoint (Contributing Writer)


Matthew Woo (Contributing Writer) is the last son of China, shot in a missile across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to save him from the resulting explosion that wiped out the country. Rising quickly through the ranks of society, he began to don a costume of every day clothes to blend in the people of America, saving the populace on a regular basis. He is currently hiding out in Hawaii to avoid his nemesis Doctor Zero and is the writer of Beyond Infinity.



Courtney Carr (Contributing Artist)

Avery Easter (Contributing Artist)

Suky Goodfellow (Contributing Artist)

Alex Panetta (Contributing Artist)


All these my head! I need to get them out!

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