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I am going to start with this week with a forward. This forward is being that I am probably the only one that will read this that plays StarCraft and be the only one that gets my own references. So pulling Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Night Live past, I will laugh at my own jokes and enjoy them thoroughly because at the end of the day I don’t get paid for this, and do it for my own enjoyment, so screw the reader. But at least compared to you other gamers out there, I play a game with million dollar earning professionals  with a plethora of South Korean groupies, so at least I am learning life skills, while you just learn how to dota or counterstrike or whatever you people do.

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4D Printing

Adaptive InfrastructureSo I watch TED talks fairly often and there was one that came out fairly recently about 4D printing. If you’re wondering how you can print in the 4th dimension (time), I would ask what if you considered self-assembling materials? Think of the ability to print out materials that are able to independently shape themselves and self-assemble over time. There is a huge market for such a technology.

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Borderlands 2


“Why review games that have already been out for ages?” you might be saying, angrily waving a fist in our general direction but Travis and I believe that there is some merit in them. How many of you put off a game’s release because you went for the newest iteration of Call of Duty? Then you realize you’ve been pwning noobs in the matchmaking for months and have yet to actually move on to that game you’ve been meaning to buy. This is where we come in: To help you decide whether or not you need to lay down some dough or if you should probably just go back to working on your killstreak.

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