Banner by Peter C. Aitken

Banner by Peter C. Aitken

As the Era of Darkness comes to a close, the legacy of the dark lord known as the DorCatalla Righ has begun to fade from memory. His reign of terror saw the world twisted irrevocably to his will, and even in his defeat the survivors struggle to recover. Magic has been corrupted, the dark lord’s army of Shadowkind  pushed to the southern continents and the dragons who supported him exterminated in the Scouring. In the face of all that has changed, the bright kingdoms are free of his dark influence and are left with the difficult task of learning to live with each other.

On the island of Konida a tribal boy named Dego is about to discover a silver, scaled egg washed up on the shore. The creature that hatches from the egg is something special, the kind of thing worth fighting a war for… 

For more information about Scrambledvisit the following Scrambled Wiki! All information on the characters, history and world of Scrambled can be found there!

Scrambled is a weekly serial that runs on Wednesday and can be found here:


Chapter 10: The Right Path

Chapter 9: Stranger Danger

Chapter 8: A Nobler Man

Chapter 7: Where in  the World?

Chapter 6: Graeme’s Guide to Travel

Chapter 5: Gone, Gone, Gone

Chapter 4: Sparks

Chapter 3: Sandy Shores

Chapter 2: Scrambled Eggs

Chapter 1: Konida Island

Prologue: The Jagged Blade

All these my head! I need to get them out!

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