The Masked Killer

TMK Banner

by Bernard Feng

It’s surprising, the amount that a man can endure before he completely shatters. War, starvation, and destitution among other things. Returning from a costly war against the Mirians, Former First Ranger Tristan spends his days in a back alley bar trying his hardest to forget the horrors that have taken hold of him. But it is not just the memory of fighting and killing for his King that haunts him. There is a terrible secret he holds, slowly clawing away at his sanity. Who, or what, exactly is this Masked Killer, and what horrors and atrocities have been committed to drive a man of respectable station to the brink of insanity? This thrilling account of wanton assassination, intrigue, and depravity urges you to stay awhile and listen.

The Masked Killer is a bi-weekly serial that runs on Monday and can be found here:


The Statehouse Pt 1


The Tavern

All these my head! I need to get them out!

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