by Chris Delloiacono

Populated by dinosaurs, zombies, flying horses, archaic societies and anthropomorphic beings, you could say that Taru is a less-mundane twin dimension to our own. Just about anything could be lurking around the next bend.

Following a catastrophic mission, Major Mary Winter, Lt. Michael Spratt, and Cpl. Phil Biggs are mysteriously transported to Taru. These modern day soldiers stumble around blindly in the hopes of adjusting to a world where nothing goes as expected. To make matters worse, Taru is on the threshold of an apocalypse and the soldiers just might be the “Triptych” long prophesied to save the world. With the loss of their modern weapons, military discipline breaks down and the trio must find a way to live with each other before they can even contemplate being saviors.

But what exactly is the “Triptych”? Some may believe they will save Taru, but they could very well bring about the destruction of both dimensions…

Triptych is a bi-weekly serial that runs on Friday and can be found here:


Chapter Seven

Chapter Six

Chapter Five

Chapter Four

Chapter Three

Chapter Two

Chapter One

All these my head! I need to get them out!

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